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Chicken Treat

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Employee Treats

Leaning Chicken

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We treat our team great*

*like a seriously fun family

As part of the Chicken Treat team, you’ll pick up valuable life skills, and receive the kind of support you need to take your career to the top. You can also expect some seriously tasty perks


No problem. You’ll be entitled to a discounted meal on every shift. Eat up mate!

Bag some BFFs

We’re a crazy bunch, full of laughs and energy (and the occasional group hug). That’s why people love working here.

Keeping things fresh

Don’t worry, we won’t stick you on the same shift every day. You’ll get a chance to try a range of different roles on different days to keep things exciting.

WA connection

We’re WA and proud. As a part of the team, you’ll have a chance to connect with the amazing people at our other stores.

Earn your own cash

First job? Imagine that feeling of looking at your bank account on your first pay day. Just be sure not to spend it all at once!

We've got your back

Even in a zombie apocalypse. That means supporting you, encouraging you and teaching you valuable life skills (and how to best avoid a zombie if necessary).

Future Chicken Leader

At Chicken Treat, you really can work your way to the top. Seriously! And we’ll give you all the training and education you need to get there. All you need to do is put the work in, and ask.

Ready to have some fun?

Let's do this! Leaning Chicken
Ready to join the family? Leaning Chicken

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