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Interview Tips

Keen to get started?

Five seriously good tips

And a completely useless one!

We’re on your side. That’s why we’re letting you in on some seriously good advice that’ll help you land a Chicken Hero role.

Get to know us

Before we get to know you, it’s a good idea for you to get to know us. Take a look at our website, it’ll tell you everything you need to know before the big day.

Lookin' Good!

Dust off that iron, un-crease your clothes and turn up looking sharp. Just don’t wear your undies on the outside of your clothes!

Prep to Impress

Before your interview, why not get some mates or family members to run through some questions with you? Trust us, it’ll help you feel a lot more confident on interview day.

Late ain't great

We’re really looking forward to meeting you, so don’t leave us hanging. Turn up 10-15 minutes before your interview to be safe. Plus, you’ll get a little extra time to prepare.

Be your awesome self

Relax, breathe and just show us the real you. No need to put on a front with us, we’re all a bit unique anyway.

Practice your dance moves

At the end of your interview, there WILL be a dance off, which will decide whether you get the job or not.*

*Kidding…or are we? Yeah, we’re kidding.

If there’s anything else you need, remember, we’re here for you every step of the way. Just ask.

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